Seminar: The Worst-Kept Secret in the World – TTIP, ISDS, and the Quest for Transparency and Democracy in the Regulation of Foreign Investment

On November 3rd Ira Ryk-Lakhman (University College London) and me will be speaking at the University of Leicester about the TTIP and ISDS in light of the recent developments in the negotiation and the position of the EU. In spite… Continue Reading

Instant Paper – the EU Parliament’s Motion and the future of the TTIP negotiations and investment arbitration

After following the debate on the TTIP at the European Parliament yesterday I decided, as a sort of experiment, to write an instant paper with my thoughts on the amendments to the Motion for a Resolution containing its recommendations to… Continue Reading

It’s the end of the world as we know it: the EU Commission’s Concept Paper on investment arbitration in the TTIP

The EU Commission loves investment, and apparently hates the ICSID – although for very different reasons from the ones brought forward by the anti-TTIP movement. While the latter claims that evil corporation will suck the blood out of our countries’… Continue Reading